• Benefits can not used for purchasing / transferring in cash
  • 1 person can only own 1 card
  • Benefits are only available and applied for the card owner
  • The membership card is not transferable
  • The benefits of membership card can not be combined with other promotions
  • The benefits would be changed eventually without notifying. However, the owner will get the updates and changes through our website, news and other forms of communication channels.
  • By joining the membership card, the card owner have read and accepted all the terms & conditions
  • The card holder shall indemnify and hold the company and its agents harmless against any liability or loss, penalty, damage, costs and expenses, including but not limited legal costs, arising directly or indirectly from any breach on the part of card holder in complying or observing these terms on conditions or in otherwise using the card or recovery of any outstanding amounts due from the card holder
  • In case losing the card, the card owner needs to notify the hotel immediately through hotline: + 84 (0) 2363 92 58 88
  • The card owner will have to pay the fee for creating a new membership card which has the same value and validity
  • There will be no commission for any reservations that basing on the membership benefits even with the agents
  • Violations of the regulations, provisions, fraud or abuse to the membership benefits will result in legal actions from DLG
  • The requirement of stoping to use membership card has to notify 10 days earlier
  • The benefits of each card could be different
  • By accepting our membership card terms & conditions, the card owner’s information will be collected, analyzed and used for sales & marketing purpose legally such as: news, SMS, emails, phone number, etc